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When The Month Keeps Going: Five Ways To Make Quick Cash

by Görkem Talsma

Emergency situations can often cause there to be more month than money. The time between paychecks can seem never-ending when situations arise that demand immediate funds and attention. When money is short, there are several ways to get cash fast without resorting to payday loans or money borrowed from friends and family. 

Cash for Gift Cards

Everyone seems to have unused gift cards laying around the house or hidden in the back of their wallet. Gift cards are great and easy gifts to give to others but they can also be a way to quick cash. Unused gift cards can be sold at businesses like CFC Gift Cards for a large percentage of their value, giving consumers a way to gain cash needed for unlimited uses instead of those restricted by the gift card. Turn in unused coffee and drink cards for much needed grocery money or name brand retail cards for funds to cover emergency car repairs. 

Selling Plasma

Selling plasma is another way to gain quick cash. Healthy individuals can donate plasma at least twice a month. Compensation depends on locality and center visited but can be upwards of $25 a donation. It is important to complete a health screening prior to donating in order to ensure that there will be no medical complications from your donation. It is also important to remember that donators should be at least 16 years of age and weigh over 110 pounds.

Online Yard Sales

Online yard sales and auction sites can provide quick cash for unwanted items. Due to the digital nature of the sites, there is no need for a physical yard sale set up. Simply upload digital images of the unwanted items to local or global sites, sit back, and wait for the bids to pour in. It is important to remember to factor in shipping costs when selling items on sites that require shipping. 

Hidden Treasures

Everyone hopes for that hidden treasure that can bring in the millions, but you might have smaller items hidden away that can provide funds in case of emergencies. Old sports cards, records, first run books, coins, and other collectibles may be gathering dust in attics and basements. A quick check with an online guide can let you know if you have something of value. Local appraisers can connect you with buyers and the deal is done. 

The Swapping Option

Sometimes it isn't cash you need but goods or services. Looking for local swapping sites can allow you to trade unwanted items for things that you need or desire. Swap gently used children's clothing for the next size up or change out toys to give your kids new and stimulating choices. 

Maybe you have special skills that can be traded for needed items or services. Have a green thumb? Offer to redo your neighbor's garden in exchange for car repairs. Exchange babysitting services with neighbors and create a co-op that ensures you always have what you need even when money is short.