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Setting Up Bail For Someone? What To Do To Prevent Problems

by Görkem Talsma

It is shocking to discover that someone you care about has been arrested and is about to be tried for a crime. In an effort to help them as much as possible, you might agree to find a good bail bondsman and set up bail. However, without much experience, it's possible to do things that end up causing delays, more payments from you and other problems. Keep the following in your mind so that you can set up bail in a way that works smoothly for everyone involved.

Speak with Multiple Bondsmen to Ensure Someone Will Accept the Risk

Because you're in such a hurry to have your relative, friend or family member out of jail, you may assume that it doesn't matter which bondsman you choose as long as they can have your loved one home right away. This can be troublesome, and not only because of differences in fees.

Realize that every bondsman considers how risky a person's case is. They do some investigation on their own before they agree to handle bail, which can take more time than you're comfortable with. After their investigation, they might tell you that the situation is too risky and they cannot accept the case. You will then have to start the process all over again with someone else, all while your loved one sits in jail.

Consult as many bondsmen as you can within the span of a few days so that your wait time is not drawn out. If multiple bondsmen are eager to handle bail, you can then focus on selecting one  who offers the most reasonable rates and assistance.

Ask About Additional Waits

Beware of bondsmen who promise to have your loved one taken out of jail immediately. The jail may have its own bail bonding process that takes a number of days to process, no matter what the bail bondsman does. Ask whether the bondsman is familiar with the particular facility where your loved one is, and ask about delays that are specific to that place. That way you know what to expect.

Find Out How They Handle Charges for Additional Crimes

If your friend or family member ends up being charged for more crimes after they are out on bail, they may have to return to jail unless you can set up additional bail for the new charges. Some bondsmen draw up a whole new bond so that you end up paying fees on multiple bonds, which can result in higher costs overall for you, while others will allow you to maintain one bond with them and only add the cost of any new bail charges. Knowing beforehand which kind of bondsmen you're dealing with can help you prepare your finances accordingly.

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