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Get The Most Money For Your Gold Jewelry

by Görkem Talsma

The value of precious metals can fluctuate from one day to the next. When gold prices are high, many consumers opt to cash in their old or unused jewelry to take advantage of the cash these items can generate.

Working with a gold buyer is a great way to turn your old jewelry into money that you can use for something more useful. Get the most for your gold jewelry by keeping these three tips in mind.

1. Know the value of your items.

Before you visit a gold buyer to trade in your gold jewelry, it can be beneficial to have these items appraised by a reputable jeweler. Jewelry is considered a piece of art by many collectors. Some manufacturers are more collectible than others, and the right manufacturer's label can add significant value to a jewelry item.

By taking your jewelry in for an appraisal before you attempt to sell it, you will know whether the items are worth just their weight in gold or if they have added collector's value that makes them worth keeping intact.

2. Work with the right gold buyer.

Once you have determined that trading your gold jewelry for cash is the best option, you need to find the right gold buyer to maximize your payout. Avoid working with gold buyers that are in town temporarily.

Look for local, established gold buyers that have a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau. Experienced gold buyers such as Beaverton Coin & Currency have stayed in business for a reason- they know how to provide excellent customer service and often offer the highest payout for gold jewelry.

3. Shop around before making a sale.

Compile a list of the reputable gold dealers in your area. This list will provide you with several different resources for unloading your old jewelry. It can be beneficial to visit a few gold dealers to obtain estimates regarding the value of your jewelry.

All gold buyers will charge fees for the processing of your gold, but these fees can vary from one buyer to the next. Find the buyer with the lowest fees and you will maximize the amount of money you receive for your gold jewelry items.

Selling your unwanted gold jewelry can be a great way to generate some extra cash. Maximize your payout by knowing the value of your items, working with a local gold buyer, and obtaining several estimates before making a final sale.